Is There Such Thing As Too Soon For Parents To Leave A Newborn Baby?

Is There Such Thing As Too Soon For Parents To Leave A Newborn Baby?

You must have seen the Twitter uproar by now—Chrissy Teigen and hubby John Legend stepped out for dinner together resulting in a wave of backlash and ridiculous trolling on her Twitter feed. Why? Because they have a nine day old baby.

This was the couple's first time stepping out together on the town since bringing home their little Luna Simone and apparently—as Twitter followers are wont to do—a handful took it upon themselves to challenge her decision to leave her newborn with her nanny for a couple of hours and, well, eat something. Heaven forbid.

Luckily Teigen is hilarious and handled the backlash with the perfect amount of grace and bite, responding to her know-it-all critics with this Tweet of her own the next morning:

And later, when asked innocently by one follower how her new baby was doing:

Luckily it wasn't long before fans flocked to her defence and rallied around the new mom flooding her feed with comments expressing support and shutting down the haters citing jealousy, lack of respect and the quickness of people to judge new parents on anything and everything they do.

I think we would all agree the the judgement and trolling against Teigen in this instance is absurd, after it was just a dinner not a weekend getaway. But, then, so what if it had been a whole weekend? What if it had been a week?

Interestingly, I didn't notice anyone attacking John Legend over this scandalous dinner date. And with his profession he'll undoubtably be heading away for extended periods of time really soon, if he hasn't already. Hm. No backlash there?

Did you leave your newborns in the care of others at a very early age? Do you think there's such thing as "too soon"?

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  • Lisa R.

    I personally wasn't well enough to go out unless absolutely necessary. I think they frown on wearing a catheter bag in restaurants. Lol

    • Rebecca M.

      Yes, there is such thing as too soon: when you don't feel like you're ready.

      • Shauna H.

        it's never too soon, as long as you feel well enough and are ready then go, it's not like she was out all night partying and boozing it up. It's dinner, people need to lighten up.

        • Laura D.

          It's not like they went on vacation. Maybe 3-4 hours away isn't a big deal. It's not like the baby was ALONE

          • Bargainmoose

            My thoughts exactly... in fact I bet the nanny has considerably more experience with newborns that most new parents do!

          • Christine M.

            Yes, get out Chrissy. Just make sure you have a good nanny for your baby that's all. Everyone else, mind your own business.

            • MsPablo

              I couldn't be bothered to comment on her Twitter given her anti- Canadian attitude, but whatever.  It's their life.  People should mind their own business. 

              • lennypuz

                what anti-canadiana attitude does she apparently have?

              • Chantal N.

                whenever they CAN! stop the Mother shaming... women carry for nine months... this is a personal preference not some old skool a**holes passing judgement because she is a new Mom ~ sh*t she had a date with the Dad... what other way but to celebrate with a date-night!!! #mythoughts

                • Kelly B.

                  How dare she eat dinner, I mean really, is she even fit for motherhood!

                  • Astrogal

                    Well, sadly she better get used to it because everything she does as a parent from Day 1 forward will be judged by someone. My daughter is 10 years old now but as a newborn I think the first time I left her was when she was a couple of weeks old to go grocery shopping and I left her with her grandad for just an hour or so. At 3 months old my husband and I left her with her grandparents for an overnight getaway to Niagara Falls. My mom is totally old school and still believes in the OLD 40-day rule that you shouldn't take a newborn baby out of its home for the first 40 days of life to give time for its immune system to settle and not expose it to all kinds of germs etc. lol, never see that anymore! She would probably be offended by this but then again she is almost 70 now (sorry, mom) lol. Not sure what to say about this one, except that baby Luna was left in the care of someone hopefully safe and loving and was just fine for a couple of hours.

                    • Kim S.

                      Get over yourselves people! Seriously the woman goes on a dinner date and suddenly women can't leave the house after giving birth! And we wonder why women are ten steps behind men still. Holy Christ!