Stop Bullying In Its Tracks in 10 Seconds Via Peer Intervention

Stop Bullying In Its Tracks in 10 Seconds Via Peer Intervention

Bullying can have an impact in Canadian Schools, especially since cyber-bullying can be a large part of it. Through the years, time has show that it's difficult for adults to successfully intervene and truly remedy the situation.

Think of it the scenario as an adult saying to a child, "Jimmy, don't touch Johnny again, or else you'll have consequences!" Kids will still bully others behind the backs of adults especially when there is no 'proof' on video tape. Consequences are hard to dish out if there's no solid proof. The bullying can even take place as a retaliation for having 'told' on someone.

Adults have tried for decades to try to remedy the bullying situation for students throughout the years, but have not succeeded.

It's clearly all spelled out here:

If there's one thing we all can take from this article to pass on to our kids, it's this:

When other children intervene in bullying,
more than half of the time it stops within 10 seconds.

What a powerful statement!

Many parents don't realize that when their children are bullying others that their own child is insecure and is striving to fit in. (In fact - many parents of children who are bullying others, are unaware that their child is bullying others)

This is not always the case of course, but it's explained in the article that when other children intervene, half of the time the bullying stops within 10 seconds.

Thus, it makes sense for use to educate our children about the role they can play in preventing bullying.

Another sentiment that really made me stop to think was the following statement from the above-mentioned article:

What can parents do?

All adults - including parents - should talk openly about bullying with the children in their care, and should be prepared to deal directly with any problems that arise, whether at school, among groups of friends, or in other social situations.

With the school year starting up, now would be a great time to address this with your kids.

Let us know what you think about bullying, (do you have some tips to share?), in the comments below!


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