Skin Care in Winter

Skin Care in Winter

I find the winter the ultimate battle grounds for my skin. I get really dry, ungodly dry, skin cracks and bleeding. I know I must not be the only one, so here are a few tricks for staying moisturized during the winter without having to run the humidifier all year long.

  • Add oil to your bath water

I use Argon Oil because I have it, but extra virgin olive oil does just as well. Add a couple tablespoons into the bath water and go for a nice soak.

  • Make your own moisturizing scrub for the shower

With dry weather comes flaky skin... kill two birds with one stone. Combine extra virgin olive oil and white sugar to make a home made scrub. The sugar will slog off the dead skin, and the oil will penetrate to moisturize.

  • Give your hair a spa day

Many women spend an ungodly amount of money on extra hair products to manage their winter hair. Once a month try enough extra virgin olive oil to thoroughly coat your hair, let it sit for an hour and then gently rinse it out. The oil will penetrate the hair providing amazing moisture and also will work to prevent split ends. An Italian woman told me about this remedy.

  • Reduce your use of soap

This may sound funny, but soap dries out your skin. Try switching to a body wash if you have, or eliminating the soap all together unless you are really dirty.

  • Let your bathwater sit

Now this may sound kind of weird, but refrain from draining your bath water till the next bath/shower. Hot baths produce steam, and even lukewarm / cool water will add moisture to the air. Consider your bath water your homemade, no extra electricity needed, humidifier.

  • Drink, drink, drink!

Drink a lot of tea and water. They are both very good for you and the added moisture inside will improve the skin outside.


Now, what does this have to do with saving money you ask? Here you go:

  1. Reduce expenses from running a humidifier for the entire winter.
  2. Skin that breaks open is very prone to infection and clearing up infections can be costly both in time, and in products required. Prevention is key.
  3. The above methods are home remedies, no need to go out and buy expensive lotions.
  4. When your skin isn't driving you insane, you can be a lot more productive.

Do you have any no extra expense needed home skin remedies?


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  • Michelle
    Take cooler showers, the heat will suck out the moisture in your skin and hair. Rinse your hair in the coldest water you can stand and this will seal your cuticle and make your locks shiny and happy.
    • Jen
      Today I learned: one bottle of extra virgin olive oil for the kitchen, one bottle for the bathroom.
      • mojo
        You can add baking soda to bathwater. Makes your skin super soft. Also make a mask out of used coffee ground and olive oil. Your skin will be soft and glowing.