Special Needs Sensory Boards are Great for All Kids!

Special Needs Sensory Boards are Great for All Kids!

(photo credit: myles lennon / facebook)

You know all those things that your kiddo wants to play with but shouldn't? Which is almost everything. I know ours ignores his hundreds of toys in favour of water bottles and tissue boxes. Well, this incredible idea has been making the rounds on Facebook and we wanted to share.

Sensory Boards are a fantastic tool for children with special needs, although it would need to be tailored to the child (e.g. teaching locks to a kiddo with Autism is a no-no). For all children, they're a great tool for practicing fine motor skills, imaginative play and keeping them busy!

A lot of the things could be found very easily at Walmart, Home Depotor even Amazon, if not just around the house! I just took a peek at the online hardware selection at Walmart to get an idea of prices and found casters for $2.98 and a combination lock for $4.98, great for little fingers to spin. A basic door knob is $12.97.

I think the magnetic alphabet on the cookie sheet is brilliant. You can grab the Melissa & Doug Wooden Alphabet at Amazon for $9.99 and Walmart has a set of two cookie sheetsfor$2.63. My son would sit for an hour and spring those door stops if we let him. If yours is the same, consider a one-piece design for your board, like this 3-pack from Safety Superstore, as the rubber caps on the traditional stoppers can be a choking hazard.

As I said, this certainly doesn't have to break the bank, use what you have and tailor it to your child or head to your local dollar store for some inspiration. We all have a little plastic calculator in our junk drawer that no longer works!

What do you think of this idea, Moosers? Would you make one for your child? What other objects would you add?


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  • meibelle

    I would add a tv/stereo remote, keyboard & cell phone(buttons)

    • megvbar

      Those are great ideas!! The remote and keyboard especially. I know ours can't get enough of mashing those keys :)