Say Namaste to my favourite yoga gear

Say Namaste to my favourite yoga gear

I was in a hot yoga class today and when I looked around in Downward Dog, I couldn’t believe what I saw: everyone seemed to have the same yoga gear.

From mats and mat sprays to yoga clothes and water bottles, I’ve put together a list of my favourite yoga products on the market. Do you have a favourite item that’s not on my list? I’d love to hear.

B MAT has got to be the “grippiest” mat option around. Made from rubber, you won’t slip even in the heat. These mats come in a various colours, thicknesses and lengths. Your inner yogi is sure to be at peace when you practice on this mat.

I have typically used whatever yoga mat sprays my yoga studio has in a spray bottle. Recently I started noticing that my fellow yogis bring their own spray. And not just any spray: Saje yoga antibacterial mat spray. Billed as a sweet, refreshing and grounding mist, you can use it before and after you say “namaste.”

Without a doubt, Lululemon seems to make the most durable, sweat wicking yoga gear. My favourite fabric is called Luxtreme, which is breathable and fits like a second skin. I like styles that are high rise so that I’m covered no matter what pose I’m in.

I’ve tried every water bottle out there and my favourite by far is a S’well water bottles. Reusable, leakproof, insulated and with very cool design options, this bottle keeps my water cold no matter how hot my class. Even when I’ve forgotten my S’well bottle in the car on a hot day, the water inside remains cold. They might credit their triple-walled technology, but I think it’s magic.


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