Make Your Own Sensory Bottles

Make Your Own Sensory Bottles

Sensory play is so important for both toddlers and babies, but have you seen how expensive some of the sensory toys can be? If you want to have some cute sensory toys made of glitter, sequins and more then keep reading so you can learn how to make your very own super sensory bottles for even the youngest kids can have fun.

These sensory bottles are otherwise known as discovery bottles. They were one of my favourite things to occupy my kid with before he could walk and talk. These bottles are a safe way for kids to safely explore all kinds of things that would normally be off-limits. Plus, they are quick, easy and super affordable to make as well.

You will need to start with containers like pictured above or plastic bottles. Make sure the lid fits really well so that you don't have any messes or choking hazards later. You will also want some super glue to keep the lid on once the bottles are full of those super-fun contents.

So go ahead and collect some interesting contents to put inside your sensory bottles. Think about what items they would love to shake or touch but normally couldn't - like beads, buttons and more. Here are some ideas of what you can include:

  • dried pasta
  • shells
  • glitter
  • buttons
  • sequins
  • pompoms
  • tooth picks
  • rice
  • sand
  • number or alphabet shapes
  • small toys like cars or animals
  • dominoes
  • dice
  • etc
Some of the bottles can have one type of content - like just beads - to keep things simple. Or you can add filling material using a funnel like sand or rice. A funnel will make it a lot easier to add the super tiny stuff.
If you are interested in the liquid version of the sensory bottles (my personal favourite) then be sure to follow this recipe. Fill half of the bottle with water and a touch of food colouring. Then you can use vegetable oil to top it up. You can leave it just as liquid or add glitter, buttons etc to make it a super sensory bottle.
These bottles are super quick, easy and cheap to make so you can make plenty to keep your kiddos occupied. For the older kids, make an I-spy bottle by hiding little nifty items inside or even all the letters of their name.
Once you have your contents inside, apply super glue to the inside rim of the lip and fasten the lids onto the containers. I would let them dry for several hours before letting your kiddo shake and roll the bottles until the cows come home.


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  • Cathy M.

    Would definately not be glass.

    • Bargainmoose

      Hi Cathy! These are actually a plastic bottle you can buy from Michael's :)

      • Cathy M.

        Wow they look like glass! Thanks

        • Amanda J.

          They are actually VOSS water bottles and can be found in either glass or plastic. I bought my plastic bottles from shoppers drug mart. :blush:

        • Sun4flowers

          this is an awesome idea for babies and children of all ages