Honest Feedback is the Best Policy

Honest Feedback is the Best Policy

When you shop online, there is often a place for feedback, a customer survey, or reviews. For example, Amazon Canada has reviews, eBay Canada and TrendTrunk have feedback forms to fill out, and places like Dell Canada have small surveys.

It is important when filling out feedback that you be honest. Don't give a product 5 stars if it is sub-par or did not meet your reasonable expectations.


  1. When buying online you can't physically interact with the product. Reviews and feedback pull a lot of weight in buyer decisions.
  2. Feedback works like a buyer beware system. Buyers, like you, can look at feedback scores, and check out reviews when you are deciding on making a purchase. If a bunch of unsatisfied people gave the product 5 stars and it really is only worth 3, it misleads others.
  3. People think that the higher rating a product has, the better the quality. Or the higher rating a seller has, the better his honesty and his goods are. This can be the tipping point for which product people buy.
  4. Undeserved feedback is like an green light to the seller to keep on selling a product. If the product is crappy, make sure the seller knows that.

That being said, here are a few suggestions before giving negative feedback:

  • Contact the seller and give them the chance to fix the problem.
  • Look up your issue on the internet and see if their is a quick fix. Maybe it is a standard issue that is easy to remedy.
  • Be nice. Ranting and raving at the seller won't get you anywhere. In all your communications be respectful.
  • Give the seller some time to reply. Expecting a response within 24 hrs doesn't work for many businesses.

Honest feedback helps you and others to make the best choices when purchasing products online. In the long run, honest feedback saves you money by:

  • reducing the number of bad purchases you make
  • helps you buy a quality product that will last a long time
  • find what you need the first time

Dear Moosers, what is your policy on feedback?


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