Eating Out: Before & After Having a Toddler

Eating Out: Before & After Having a Toddler

So, you have a toddler. Remember dinners out before toddlers? Wasn't it relaxing (and maybe even romantic)? Going out to eat is a whole new adventure now that I have my little one at my side.

These days I spend most of my time out cutting up food into bite size pieces, cleaning up anything that gets tossed on the floor and having my conversation interrupted about 600 times... but that is all okay. If you don't laugh, you'll cry, right? Here are five ways that going out to dinner is a lot different with a toddler in tow:

The Menu

Before, we could take our time going through the menu and reading the ingredients that may persuade us to try something new. The waiter may have asked if we were ready to order a few times by then, but I didn't see any rush. Now, I quickly pick the first thing that sounds familiar and then try to talk my toddler into picking something as well. Just a few days ago my son had a meltdown at the restaurant because I wouldn't order him 17 hot dogs. Yes. seventeen hot dogs.

Sippy Cup

Before, if I could BYOB I would. Now, it is more like BYOSC (bring your own sippy cup). I must have three of those things in my dang purse at any given time. Hey, at least they can't be spilled.

Crayons VS. Discounts

Before having my kiddo, I always asked what the special of the day was. Most likely it would sound appealing, save me money and I would get to try something new. Now, I can't blurt out fast enough "BRING THE CRAYONS" because by the time I get the kid to sit down I am pretty much ready to leave.


Before having a kid, I almost always said to myself that I would never let my kid do that. Why doesn't she control her kid? Why is her kid on the table? Now, my kid does that andI am climbing on the table. Gosh, someone help me. He doesn't even fit in the high chairs anymore so I have zero restraints.

The Exit

Before having kids, I would pay my bill and say a polite "see ya later" to my server. Now, I have to apologize about 16 times for the variety of watermelon skins and chewed up "what is that" all over the floor. Did I even buy watermelon!?

What do you find is different now that you have a toddler?


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  • Jane82

    Hello Brooke,  I was wondering which sippy cup do you use that doesn't spill even when tipped in your purse.   Thank you. 

    • CuteSavings

      hi Jane! I actually buy the toddler sippy cups from Walmart - I can't remember the brand but they had Finding Nemo, Cars etc on them and were a decent size. Colourful lids! I just love them.

    • Melanie N.

      , sound a bit like last night? Hahaha