Focus Issues At School Are Difficult - Essential Oils Blend Could Help

Focus Issues At School Are Difficult - Essential Oils Blend Could Help

Mental clarity and focus is something that has many teachers, parents and students concerned about when school starts up. Although it may seem as though your child isn't concerned about the issue, the fact may be that deep down they may be aware of it but just don't know what they can do about it.

If you have a child who lacks focus at times, then you well understand that sometimes they can feel like it's out of their control. With that being said, there are some natural products available that could make things a little easier for them.

Escents is a retailer (both online and with 52 retail locations across Canada and Asia) that carries all sorts of essential oil blends and body products for natural remedies to address issues that many people might experience. I really like this sentiment that they have on their website:

Escents Aromachology provides 100% natural scent and wellness essentials for the body, mind and home. Aromachology is the relationship between science and nature, and the influence of scent on emotions. Essential oils have the ability to affect our emotions, behaviour and physical wellbeing. Using the purest of ingredients, we harness the power of essential oils and natural aromas so you can heal your body, create pleasurable moments, and free your mind from the stresses of everyday life.

To address the focus issue at school, Escents has introduced a special bundle package of their product, called Focus. It has refreshing/energizing Rosemary and Grapefruit in it to relieve stress and fatigue. It's said to stimulate the mind for better focus and concentration as well as improve memory and mental awareness. I believe this product would be great for adults as well, to provide a mental boost during the day.

The Focus set includes a Focus blend, roll-on and body mist in a handy carrying case. You can add the blend to a diffuser, roll-on wrists and spritz on your body. The set is selling for $25.

For those of you who enjoy all natural products, rest assured this Focus Blend contains 100% pure essential oils and has no artificial colors, no animal testing, no synthetic dyes, no parabens , no dpg or phthalates.

If you use this product, I don't believe that all focus issues will suddenly become non-existent. Sometimes though, certain natural remedies, and particularly those pertaining to essential oils, can help quite a lot.

I understand that some children are on medication for issues pertaining to issues such as focus/concentration/anxiety and more. I don't believe this Focus bundle would replace something like that - but it could certainly complement it. Dealing with focus issues at school and home can be very difficult for everyone involved. The more strategies you have up your sleeve, the better.

The use of essential oils for focus and concentration could be likened to that of chewing gum when you have a dry mouth. The gum does relieve much of the dryness, but overall, you are still probably quite thirsty/dehydrated, which is the bigger issue... But did it help? Yes! (Speaking of gum, does anyone remember Gatorade gum that used to have Gatorade built into it? The orange flavour tasted great and was promoted as being thirst quenching.)

Shipping is around $10 but will depend on your location. If you spend over $75, shipping is free!

Do you use essential oils in your home to alleviate specific concerns? Let us know in the comments below.


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