Do kids and weddings mix?

Do kids and weddings mix?

I’m getting married, as you know. But there’s one issue that keeps cropping up: what do we do with our kids?

This wasn’t an issue the first time around—I didn’t have any kids then. Now that I’m getting married for a second time, I’m in a different position. Kids don’t typically get the chance to attend their parents’ wedding, so I want to make it fun and special for them.

I was thinking my boys could walk me down the aisle, but I don’t want to risk offending my dad. I want my nieces and nephews on both sides to walk down the aisle, too, yet some might be too little to handle the task. One of my kids is refusing to wear a suit. I agree, they look uncomfortable, and they have zippers, tags and stiff fabric, so I can’t blame him. At the same time, I can’t let them wear shorts and a t-shirt to my wedding.

There are other things to think about, too. I wonder if our kids will have the patience to sit through a ceremony. How will they do at a sit-down dinner? And how will they behave if they stay up late for the party?

It’s not a day in which I’ll be able to lecture them about table etiquette. I can’t afford to get any stains on my dress. I also won’t be able to leave the party to read them a book and put them to bed, as I usually do. I also won’t be able to manage any exhaustion-related tantrums.

I’m thinking we’ll need a babysitter to help with our kids at the wedding. Or maybe we’ll have to hold the party at a hotel so they can go to bed when they’re tired.

The dilemma is stressing me out. Maybe I’m overthinking things. By the time I get married they will be a year older. They will forget about their vow not to wear a suit. They will have more patience. Eat without staining everything around them. Dance until a later hour.

Has anyone had to deal with this before? How did it go. I’d love any advice.


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  • lennypuz

    I had my son as a mini best man at the wedding, and we gave him a ring when we exchanged vows and said a special vow to him as well. For the children in the wedding party, and attending, they each got a grab bag of activities to keep them occupied during the dinner time...but they all loved dancing the night away and went home when their parents did. It was a smooth, fun evening for everyone!

    • cloclo

      A friend of mine that re-married last year hired a babysitter to entertain their kids (and nieces and nephews) during the whole wedding. I thought it was a great idea!  The babysitter brought her dvd player and a ton of games and nobody even noticed the kids were there (except when they were involved in some parts of the ceremony/reception!). 


      • ColleenJ

        We got married after having kids. Our kids were 2 and 4 and came to the wedding. We wanted our guests to bring theirs too. We had a lot of activities incorporated for the kids. Colouring at the table, lacing cards, piñata, dress up photo booth. We scheduled the reception to end early 9 pm. And we had a sitter take our kids home. The best thing I had on the day was a wedding coordinator. She did so much behind the scenes that I didn't even know there were any issues till a couple weeks later. You will have a wonderful day whatever you choose.

        • KaylaS

          If you are having a spring or summer wedding, can accommodate such a gathering as your wedding reception at your own home and would enjoy that set up, then that could be an option. However, the stress of your big day may not allow for that if you prefer another venue for less or no clean up afterwards. 

          The hotel idea sounded like a good option as well and you could have a babysitter or someone not partaking in the reception party take care of your boys and possibly other kids included in the festivities. 

          Also, have you thought about possibly having your sons act as your adorable ring bearers? Each of them could hold a ring on their own little pillow and hand them to both of you when the time is right during the ceremony. The pictures would be even more heart melting and they would have such an important role in your special day which would also make them feel extra special. 

          Bribes of amusement parks, carnivals etc.. during the summer months may be in order to have them get through such a big day without incident but I'm sure that could do the trick :)