Christmas Button Mini Wreath!

Christmas Button Mini Wreath!


Here’s one I made earlier! I’ve been browsing Pinterest for some interesting, frugal and crafty designs which I can try out myself, for Christmas decorations. In the image above, you can see a decoration which I have crafted to hang on my Christmas tree. It’s simply made from some thread, some ribbon and some buttons! This pin was my inspiration for the above project.

I have a sewing box which is just filled to the brim with the perfect items for crafting, so I was able to make the above in 15 minutes, without spending a penny. However, if you don’t have all those craft materials at hand – keep an eye out in your local dollar store or craft store for bags of random buttons, which they might be selling at reduced prices. That’s exactly how I got my hands on the above buttons which I made into the mini-wreath for my tree.

How to make your Christmas button mini-wreath:

  • Put some thick thread on to a needle, and knot the first button on to the end of the string.
  • Thread on more buttons
  • When you think you have enough, sew it into a circle via the last button
  • Cut a slice of ribbon, tie it in a bow with a loop going upwards for hanging on the tree

Other ideas to expand on the above project:

  • Group the same colours of buttons together in one wreath to colour-coordinate, with matching ribbon.
  • Intersperse coloured beads through the buttons for some variation.
  • Give the kids the materials and get them to do it!

Have fun crafting!


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