Comparing the Chapters Rewards Programs

Is Plum Rewards, Plum Plus or iRewards best for you?
Comparing the Chapters Rewards Programs

There's no doubt about it: rewards programs are one of the easiest ways to get the best bang for your buck when you shop. Memberships, subscriptions and loyalty cards can help you score a few extra dollars off your purchase, collect rewards and receive a few other perks – and some of the best ones are at Chapters.

If you shop at Indigo, Chapters and Coles, chances are you've at least heard of their Plum Rewards loyalty program. But what you might not know is that they actually have a few different rewards options out there, including an upgraded version of the Plum Rewards program we all know and love.

To give you a quick rundown, here are the ones Chapters currently offers: Plum Rewards, iRewards (which they're phasing out) and Plum Plus. Each program caters to a specific kind of shopper, so as you keep reading, really think about how often you shop at Chapters and what kind of things you tend to buy from them.

Here, we break down the nitty-gritty of each program, so you know exactly which one is the right fit for you. You'll find details for how (and where) to sign up, the perks associated with each membership and any fees you have to pay to join. So what are you waiting for? Dive on in and start saving!

Comparing the Chapters Rewards Programs

What is Plum Rewards?

If you already shop at Chapters, I'm willing to bet that you already have a Plum Rewards membership. And if you don't, what's stopping you? The program is completely free to join, and it can help you slowly but surely save on future purchases as you earn those coveted Plum Rewards points.

And if Plum Rewards is a completely new concept to you (or if you have a few questions about what this program actually entails), we've got you covered. Essentially, what you need to know is that Plum Rewards is a loyalty program you can access whether you shop in stores or online – and it's absolutely free.

To sign up in stores, just ask the checkout clerk if they can create an account for you. But if you're operating online, you'll have to enter all that info for yourself. Just hit the "join now" button on the Plum Rewards page to get started. You'll have to submit some basic personal information and create a password.

Then, just sign in the next time you shop! This program is all about earning and redeeming points, so here's what you need to know. Plum Rewards members earn five point for every dollar spent on most items. You can then redeem points at these increments online, in stores or via their mobile app:

  • Redeem 2,500 points for a $5 reward
  • Redeem 4,500 points for a $10 reward
  • Redeem 8,500 points for a $20 reward

Essentially, you'll have to spend $500 for that initial $5 off, but it's still worthwhile, especially if you shop at Chapters and tend to buy larger (read: more expensive) items. Chapters also occasionally runs promotions where members can earn extra points with purchases – and those are perfect times to save up. You also have the ability to earn points when you leave star-ratings and reviews on products you've bought from Chapters.

And when you're ready to redeem your points, just tell the cashier – or if you're shopping online, Chapters will prompt you to either claim your reward or save the points for another time. Just click on your choice.

Plum members receive bonus rewards on their birthdays, so make sure you plug that into in to your online profile. You'll also be invited to exclusive events and sometimes gain early access to sales like The Baby Event that runs every few months or so at Chapters. So make sure you keep your email notifications turned on!

Comparing the Chapters Rewards Programs

How is Plum Plus different from Plum Rewards?

Honestly, I was pretty happy with the Plum Rewards program ... and then Chapters rolled out something even better in early 2019. Plum Plus is essentially an upgraded version of Plum Rewards, and it's specifically designed for people who tend to shop online or via the mobile app.

Right off the bat, there's one major difference between the two. While Plum Rewards is an entirely free loyalty program that anyone can join, Plum Plus is actually a paid subscription you have to renew every year. But before you let a price tag turn you off, just wait until you hear all the perks this program has to offer.

While Plum Plus members also earn five points for every dollar spent, they also receive an extra 10% off almost everything and FREE shipping on most online orders, with no minimum spend required! Members also qualify for VIP access to promotions and other exclusive events. Do I have you hooked yet?

A Plum Plus membership is actually pretty affordable, as it will only cost you $39 each year. And let's face it, you'll probably make that back with the 10% discount in no time!

The only catch right now is that you can only sign up for Plum Plus in stores. You can't actually pay the membership fee online. But the next time you're at Chapters, you can go ahead and register. It's easiest if you're already a Plum Rewards member, so the employee helping you out will only have to upgrade your membership, instead of creating an entirely new profile. Once that's settled, you can register and log in to your Plus account online. It looks like they'll make online signups available soon!

Comparing the Chapters Rewards Programs

What is the iRewards program?

First and foremost, iRewards is a discount program that Chapters is actually phasing out. The Plum Plus program will take its place. But if you're currently an iRewards member, don't worry! You're invited to join Plum Plus at no cost for a 12-month term that starts on the day you make the switch over to the new program. And if you choose not to convert, you can keep using your annual membership until it expires.

Chapters called this their "everyday discount program," and it's honestly so similar to Plum Plus, that you might as well hop on over to the new system! But instead of saving 10% on books and 5% on just about everything else, Plus members save that full 10% on most items – and no way am I complaining about that!

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