Guide to Canadian Tire Gold Roadside Assistance

Guide to Canadian Tire Gold Roadside Assistance

If you are a car owner and need to zip around town, get to work, take the kids to lessons, or do a lot of night or highway driving, then knowing that you have access to a roadside assistant working 24/7, will probably instantly decrease your stress levels and save you money.

Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s most trusted companies, so you know they have you covered when it comes to quality, reliability and customer service – like with their roadside assistance program. So what's it all about?

The main benefit of being a member of Canadian Tire’s roadside assistance program is that it covers the car and not just the person who bought the membership. This distinction is super helpful, because when your partner or (newly licenced) teenager asks to borrow your car, you know they will be covered, too. One membership equals peace of mind! As a bonus, coverage for additional cars is offered at discounted rates.

Another benefit to membership is that you can choose from two different coverage levels that best suit your needs and budget.

The Silver Plan membership is valued at $69.95 per year and includes three service calls and towing up to 10 km per service call. It also covers battery boost, flat tire change, lock out service, fuel delivery and a winching service (if you land in a ditch due to icy road conditions). If you are planning a holiday, trip accident insurance and trip planning are also included.

The Gold Plan membership is valued at $99.97 per year and, for only $30 more than the Silver Plan, you get loads of extra perks. The main advantages are the five service calls and towing for up to 250 km. That’s worth the extra $30 right there! On top of that, you receive $5 of free emergency fuel, flatbed car carrier & dolly wheel service and an extended winching service. Of course, your membership also includes battery boost, flat tire change, lock out service, fuel delivery, trip accident insurance and trip planning with guides and maps.

A bonus of both plans is that towing does not count as one of your service calls.

Your membership is also packed with extra freebies and discounts from partner companies, so check these out below:

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Here is a handy FAQ round-up as a quick reference guide:

Q: What are the benefits of membership to the Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® Gold or Silver Plan?

A: Both the Gold and Silver Plans* cover:

  • Towing to any destination of your choice
  • Unlimited number of tows to any Canadian Tire Service Centre within the distance established in the plan you selected*
  • Battery boost service*
  • Fuel delivery*
  • Flat tire change*
  • Lock-out service*

Q: How do I request Roadside Assistance service?

A: To request service, simply contact the call centre toll-free at 1-888-727-7478.

Q: How can I purchase a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® Plan?

A: You can purchase a membership online or at a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance (CTRA) Card at a Canadian Tire store.

Q: How do I renew my membership?

A: To renew your membership, simply contact the call centre toll-free at 1-888-727-7478.

Q: How do I upgrade/downgrade my Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Plan?

A: Contact 1-888-727-7478 or send an email to [email protected] with your specific request and be sure to include your name, address, phone number and request. A Customer Service Representative will call you to assist you.


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  • lyndalou1965

    Thank you! I was able to purchase this online and enter the promo code to get the savings.

    • Eryn

      Great to hear you were able to do so online, thank you for letting us know! :)

    • RodneyDickson

      Be forewarned: I used to be a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Silver member for 3+ years before changing to another roadside assistance company. I once had to wait 6+ hours in my broken-down car because Canadian Tire simply couldn't find a third-party tower to tow me on their budget (yes, they are like 'brokers' who hire third party towers to tow you) - important to note, this breakdown happened on a major urban boulevard during mid-day Sunday, so it was not like I was marooned in the boonies somewhere at some ungodly hour. Also, when you do have a problem, they will ONLY tow you to the NEAREST Canadian Tire service center to your breakdown: even if the Canadian Tire nearest to your home is still within their towing limit, if there is one that is slightly closer but in the opposite direction of your home, get ready to find a method of covering double the distance to get yourself back home, cause yes, you can ride with the tow-er to the Canadian Tire of their choosing, but once you are dropped off there with your broken-down car, even if it is after-hours and Canadian Tire is closed, you are on your own. Also, anyone who has dealt with Canadian Tire versus other independent garages knows that Canadian Tire service is considerably more expensive than other independent garages, so any money you think you save using one of your Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance service calls, you generally end up paying the difference and more in the cost to have your car repaired by Canadian Tire. I now keep a list of tow-ers found on kijiji who are local to me in my car, cause in a jam, I can pay them $60 cash to get towed to a garage close enough to me so that I am able to walk home after my breakdown. Too many bad experiences with Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance convinced me to look elsewhere.