Campus Checklist! Print This Out @ Bed Bath & Beyond

Campus Checklist! Print This Out @ Bed Bath & Beyond

Yesterday when I was shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, I noticed that they offer a comprehensive Campus checklist for students that you can print out to use.

People get used to packing for holidays, but this 'campus' stuff is much more than just going on a vacation - this is the start of something brand new and you'll want to be prepared as much as possible in advance.

This checklist at Bed Bath & Beyond will take you through the following categories with an easy to use checklist format:

  • bedding
  • bath
  • personal care and grooming
  • kitchen tools & dining
  • storage and organization (Yes! The most fun part!)
  • ready for anything (Bring on the adventure!)
  • laundry & cleaning
  • room decor
  • desk organization
  • electronics & audio

It sure makes the task of planning and organizing for a big campus move a lot less daunting!

Enjoy your new Campus lifestyle!


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