Best Sony Playstation 4 Pro Deals in Canada

Best Sony Playstation 4 Pro Deals in Canada

There are some incredible Sony Playstation 4 deals available right now and we've made a list of the best prices and deals for you in Canada.

If you want to hold tight for a better deal down the line, bookmark this page so you can check back in for updates ;). And don't forget that there are hot deals to be had on Playstation 4 Slims as well as the 500GB Playstation Original, too.

The Best PS4 Pro Deals

PS4 Pro Console - Amazon
PS4 Pro Console - Best Buy
PS4 Pro Console - EB Games
PS4 Pro Console - London Drugs
PS4 Pro Console - The Source
PS4 Pro Console - Walmart

That's all for now! Check back in for more updates. We'll be updating the list of deals as sales come out, so visit us again soon! Also, don't forget that when you sign up for an Amazon Prime membership (free 30 day trial) you'll get 20% Discount on New-Release Box Games @ for your PS4 Plus console? It's a great way to expand your game library.


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