A Guide to Loblaws Online Grocery

A Guide to Loblaws Online Grocery

If you keep finding yourself with an empty fridge but no time to actually head out to the grocery store, trust me – I've been there. And if you want to make things a little easier on yourself, it might be worth giving online grocery shopping a try.

One of the best ways to do that is through services like Loblaws Online Grocery, which you might know better as Loblaws Click and Collect. If you're thinking of testing them out for the first time (or just want to know more about how it all works), we put together a quick guide to help you out!

So how does it all work? Essentially, the online grocery shopping process is pretty simple and consists of three main parts:

  • 1. You pick out your groceries online or via the Loblaws app
  • 2. A personal shopper selects and packs all your items for you
  • 3. You arrive at your pickup location and drive home with your groceries!

What are some of the perks of buying groceries online? For me, it's all about convenience. Loblaws Online Grocery lets you shop whenever (and from wherever) you want. The site is always open – even when physical stores are closed – so you can build your cart while you're still lying in bed, if you want!

They also let you choose a pickup location that's best for you. So once your order is in, all you need to do is show up at your designated time, and Loblaws employees will even load everything into your car for you!

Where is Online Grocery available? If you want to find a participating store near you, just head to the store locator on the Loblaws website.

How to place an online grocery order

Create an account. Before you can get shopping, you'll need a PC id. If you don't already have one, you can create an account. Just enter your name, email address, phone number and postal code and choose a password. It's a good idea to choose an email you check fairly often, since Loblaws will send you deals! You can also browse the site before you sign up, if you're just looking to scout things out.

Fill your cart. Once you're signed in, it's time to go shopping! You can browse the virtual store by aisle or head straight to their Cart Starter, which is full of curated shopping lists specifically for different demographics (including families with kids and active adults). One important thing to remember, though, is that online orders must total at least $30.

Make your way to the checkout. When you're all set to check out, Loblaws will prompt you to choose a pickup time and location. You need to place your order at least two hours in advance, so this isn't really made for last-minute grocery runs.

Phone a friend. Okay, by "friend," I mean Loblaws customer service rep, but this is still a pretty cool service! If you like, you can place a grocery order by phone by calling 1-800-296-2332 toll-free anytime from 8 AM to 12 AM EST.

Changing your order. Mistakes happen, and you can always change your order by editing your cart before your specified cut-off time.

Step-by-step guide to grocery pickup

Picking up your order. When it's time to pick up your order, just head to the store you selected and pull into a reserved PC Express parking space. Loblaws employees will load everything into your car for you, so you don't even need to leave the driver's seat!

How much does Online Grocery cost? While pickup fees can vary, they usually range from $3 to $5. Hoping to save a little money? Check out our tips below!

Get it delivered!Delivery is now available in certain areas through Instacart. To sign up, you'll need to create a separate account on instacart.ca (or download their app and choose "Loblaws" from their store menu). After that, just log in, get your order ready, pay and kick back and wait for your grocery delivery!

Ways to score a few extra deals

One of the great things about shopping online with Loblaws is that you get all the same deals, discounts and savings as you would if you bought your groceries in-store – and yes, that includes any sales in the Loblaws flyer!

Score the new customer discount. If you're new to Loblaws Online Grocery, you can take advantage of a discount specifically for first-time customers. Just enter the code FREEMONTH when you place your first online order of $30 or more, and you won't need to pay ANY pickup fees for the next 31 days!

Don't forget about PC Optimum! If your PC Optimum card is linked to your Loblaws account, you can earn and redeem points when you buy groceries online! To get points for your online orders, just mention it to the concierge at pickup and have your PC Optimum card or app ready to scan. Not a member yet? You can still sign up for PC Optimum, too!

Pick up some extra PC Optimum points? How does a bonus 10,000 PC Optimum points sound? If you're a new Online Grocery customer, and you spend more than $100 in one transaction, you can use the code BM10K2018 to claim 'em!

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags). Loblaws uses plastic bags when they're getting your order ready (and includes the corresponding fees in your order total), but you can also bring your own bags! Just leave a note on the Substitutions & Notes page.

Return anything that isn't fresh. While Loblaws employees will try to select the freshest produce and other perishables for you, mistakes can happen. If you received an item that isn't quite up to standard, you can usually return it! See the full Loblaws return policy in the FAQ section of their site.

And, of course, don't forget to check out all the latest Loblaws coupons!

Have you tried Loblaws Online Grocery? Will you? Let us know in the comments!


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