7 Workouts You Can Do For Free

7 Workouts You Can Do For Free

7 Workouts you can do for free

Out of the many excuses not to exercise, "I can't afford to go to the gym" or "I can't afford the equipment" is probably one of the biggest. You do not need fancy equipment or a gym membership to get the exercise you need. You just need your body and the ground.


Running is probably the most obvious free workout there is. You can do it anywhere outside (and even inside if you are so inclined). If you don't really want to run, walk or jog, any movements you do will be better for your health. If you think you don't know how to run, our bodies were made for running, but the couch to 5K program will help you learn to increase your endurance and motivate you to achieve your goals.


Bodyweight exercises use exactly that - your body - to tone your body. You'll get long and lean muscles doing exercises like push-ups, burpees, supermans (like above) and so many more. Not a dumbbell is needed. Fit Sugar has the very simple instructions on the best bodyweight exercises you can do.


If you want a literal step up from the ground, use the stairs. Stairs are everywhere - in your home, your building, your office building, outside of buildings, on trails. You can choose to walk up and down the stairs during your lunch hour as I used to do when I worked in an office. You can run up them and back down and then up again. You can also use them to do exercises like calf raises or tricep dips. The possibilities are endless. Active.com has a 7-day workout plan to get you started. Photo Credit: Psoup16


Start a backyard boot camp (especially if your backyard looks like the one above). My friends and I actually did this during the warm months using no equipment. When we wanted extra weight we improvised with bricks and a big bottle of bubbles (not kidding). This is a great idea to do with friends, who will keep you accountable and you'll keep them accountable. Fitness Magazine has a backyard boot camp workout just for you.


I'm sure if you have little kids you go to the park often. And what do you while at the park, but sit there and watch your kid play and get exercise. The playground is free equipment that you too can also use to get yourself some energy out. I have also participated in the workout in the park, using the monkey bars, the bench and more to get myself pepped up in the mid-day. If you are afraid of everyone thinking you are a freak, go early before other people have managed to get out of the house. I always found there was no one at the park at 8 or 9 in the morning so I could do whatever I wanted. If you want a workout to do at the park, How Does Shehas a good one.


You might think for boxing that you would need equipment, but to do the motions, you do not and this is a real calorie-killing workout that uses your entire body. Bodybuilding.com is an amazing website full of free and informative information for all types of workouts and it is here you will find this boxing workout.


Yoga has been done for ages and ages and really requires no equipment. I love yoga and it has so many more benefits than just getting in shape. Check out Girls Guide To for five yoga workouts for beginners.

Bargainmoosers, what is your favourite way to exercise without equipment? Let me know in the comments below.

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