5 Fun & Free Summer Activities To Beat The Heat

5 Fun & Free Summer Activities To Beat The Heat

I am thankful that winter is gone, and our spring quickly passed into summer. Summer is my favourite time of year because everyone seems to be so happy and friendly. It can also be stressful though, because we try to do so many activities with our kids which can be costly to say the least.

Summer is also quite hot! So we are constantly on the lookout or activities to help us beat the heat. So what about some summer activities for the kids that are fun, free... and beat the heat!?

Here are five summer activities that are a fun (and free) way to conquer the heat:

Book worms

Take the kids to the library! If not for education reading, then for the free air conditioning, forced quietness and free internet usage. Isn't that all you need in life? Most cities and towns have a public library that is free to use - plus they may even have a summer reading program for kids. I know my local library has a little pow-wow reading session for kids between 3 and 7 every Saturday morning.

Get Lost in the Woods

If you are lucky enough to live near a wooded area, then that is a great place to take the kids for a walk. The woods make it a cooler place to walk (thanks to the shading trees), and they are most often free. Just be sure not to get lost.

About.com has a great list of hikes across Canada that are trips of a lifetime. The West Coast trail, the East Coast trail and other hikes all highlight the beauty of Canada. I often use this website to find trails for my dogs and I to hike. Some of them are great for the kids as well! Choose wisely.

Camp at Home

How about a little staycation? Set up your tent and camping gear right in the back yard! I personally find this very fun. I know I am safe in my own yard, food is easily reachable... as is the bathroom. Be sure to do your research on stars so you can explain the constellations to your kids! This Large Explorer Tent should do the trick - for just $25!

Park Picnics

I adore picnics, no questions asked. They are a great way to relax outdoors while spending time with the family, and you can make everything you need so that it doesn't cost you anything while you're out. Just be sure to get yourself a good ol'picnic basketor cooler bag and make your sandwiches and such.

Google Huntress

Google is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Use your mom superpowers and go ahead to Google, type in "free activities in (insert your city name here)" and voila. You will be provided with oodles of free stuff for you and the kids to do, hopefully.

After all, summer is all about spending time with the family - not spending money. The most important things: stay safe, make memories, have fun!

What other free activities do you do during the summer with your family?


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