Top Weekly Grocery Cash Back Deals

4 December 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finally and safely behind us, but as with every week, there are new cash back deals to take advantage of to save on your grocery bill. Below is a list of some of the top cash back deals from Snap by Groupon, Checkout 51, Zweet and CartSmart.

Here are the limited time daily deals available at Snap this week:

Thursday, December 4th

  • Ground beef: $0.25 cash back
  • Plums: $0.25 cash back

Friday, December 5th

  • Spinach: $0.25 cash back
  • Radishes: $0.25 cash back

Saturday, December 6th

  • Strawberries: $0.25 cash back
  • Kiwis: $0.25 cash back

Sunday, December 7th

  • Asparagus: $0.25 cash back
  • Red bell peppers: $0.25 cash back

Most of these are sure to go quick, especially the ground beef, so make sure to take advantage of them quickly. Otherwise, you can also get money back on other items like: $1 cash back on Band-Aid brand advanced healing blister cushions, $0.25 cash back on okra, $0.25 cash back on blueberries, $0.25 cash back on fresh salmon, and a couple of others, namely a couple of cash back deals on select Huggies diapers.

There are more deals available, but here are just some of the top cash back deals at Checkout 51 this week:

  • Frank's RedHot sauce: $1.50 cash back
  • Pampers diapers: $1 cash back
  • Bella Casara mascarpone: $1 cash back
  • Duracell battery packs: $1 cash back
  • Becel margarine: $0.50 cash back

The cash back deals on various strong alcohols and wins that I mentioned last week are also still on, so if you're shopping for holiday parties, make sure to take advantage of those this week as well. Other than that, you can also get $1 cash back on Pot of Gold chocolates, which could make for great gifts.

This week, there are 18 cash back deals to take advantage of at Zweet, like:

  • Natur-a Soya beverages: $0.50 cash back
  • D'Italiano sliced bread: $0.50 cash back
  • Peppers: $0.25 cash back
  • Carrots: $0.25 cash back

If you're out of Nutella, then now is the time to re-stock on this chocolatey goodness as well as you an get $0.50 cash back on the purchase of a 375g or 725g jar. All of this week's Zweet deals expire next Tuesday, on December 9th.

Click here to see all CartSmart offers now

At CartSmart this week, you can get the following cash back deals:

  • Sunlight liquid dish soap (950ml): $1 cash back
  • EDGE with protein cereal: $0.75 cash back
  • Bick's pickles: $0.75 cash back
  • Wonderful Nuts: $0.75 cash back

This week as well, you can get $1 cash back on the purchase of a Starbucks gift card worth $15 or more. New this week is a $1 cash back deal on any Chapters receipt of $15 or more. Most of these CartSmart cash back deals are set to expire December 10th.

Happy grocery shopping Moosers!

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