Snapsaves Weekly Offers

19 February 2014


Snapsaves has added even more incredible offers this week for us to take advantage of. Snapsaves works when you buy your everyday groceries and purchase something from their weekly offers list, you can end up getting money back for those purchases.

Here is a look at some of the offers you will find:

  • Tomatoes/ $1 cash back
  • Tabasco sauce/ $1 cash back
  • Nortica cottage cheese/ $1 cash back
  • Royale bathroom tissue/ $1 cash back
  • Weetabix cereal/ $1 cash back
  • Naturegg simply egg whites/ $1 cash back
  • Redbull 4 pack/ $1 cash back
  • Milk2Go sport/ $2 cash back
  • Kiwi/ $1 cash back
  • Celery/ $1 cash back
  • High Liner fish sticks/ $1 cash back
  • Little Huggies Movers/ $1 cash back

I am happy to see more offers for fresh items such as the celery and the kiwi and I also like the fact that they include eggs this time around.  It is hard to get coupons for fresh items like these, so saving with Snapsaves after your purchase is a bonus.

All expiry dates for each offer tend to be different.  You will need to look closely to see when the specific products you want to get will expire but most are about a week. Last week, a lot of the deals ran out really fast.  There is a maximum for how many people can redeem certain deals so the really good ones such as the fresh fruit and vegetable deals tend to go pretty quickly. It is always best to use the deals sooner rather than later with sites like this.

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