Wagjag: $35 for a Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace with Free Shipping (a $70 Value)

Wagjag has a great deal on a sweet gift for women (and maybe the occasional man) everywhere. Get that special lady a personalized sterling silver necklace with free shipping for $35. That is 50% off it's retail value of $70. The necklace will come from Monogram Online.

It is a side deal for Edmonton if you have trouble linking directly through.

You can see the necklace you will be getting here. The personalized name can have up to 10 characters and comes with your choice of either a 16" or 18" chain.

You also have the option of using the voucher as $70 credit towards a higher priced necklace - say one that is gold plated. You can even use the $70 voucher towards something else on the website.. like these beautiful monogram pendants.

Hehehe... a funny true story: the first gift my husband (then not quite even my boyfriend) gave me was a personalized name necklace. :-) Ah sweet memories!

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