Think Geek: Superhero Family Decals Only $4.99

I had to blog about these super hero decals because they are cool, and such an awesome price! Get 50 decals total, with four sets: Iron Man family, Captain America family, Wolverine family and Spiderman family. Now only $4.99, was $14.99.

I love seeing family decals on people's vehicles, especially ones like these that show their character. I have a friend who has five kids, a dog and two cats, so ten decals total on her large vehicle, and I just think it is hilarious. This set is large enough that you can change what you've put on when you feel like it, plus if your family is not the "typical" one dad, one mom and a boy and girl, plus dog and cat, you get two sheets of each set, so you can customize for your own family.

What you get is two of each in each family (so eight sheets total):

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Dog
  • Cat

This is the official Marvel licensed collection as well, so it isn't some knock-off that only looks similar to the superhero families. These are not limited to decorating your vehicle, they can go on any flat surface.

Shipping is $6.94 for this item.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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