Roots Canada: Free Roots Messenger Bag With Purchase


Roots Canada is offering a free Roots Messenger Bag when you buy a Canada, International or World collection item. This is an online only offer, and of course only while supplies last. I just added a Canadian collection item to my cart and it auto added one of these, so they seem to still have them currently!

I don't own anything from Roots yet but I have great plans to get one of their 'thumb-hole' hoodies in the future. Like this one from the Canadian collection has thumb holes, and is very stylish.. I like the maple leaf on the hood! It's a nice touch.

Oh, a funny thing: I put this Reversible Shipping Tote for only $5.95 (so cute!) in my shopping bag and it added the free messenger tote as well. I might have just found the cheapest item you can buy and get the messenger bag with!


  • Max23409
    On roots free tote deal, you can just buy the reversable shipping tote for $5.95 and get TWO free totes!
  • FruGal
    actually you can look up the messenger bag and find it for just 1 cent and just pay the shippin as well!!...that's what i did :)
  • Kimmy
    They sell these messenger bags in store for $2 (the material is similar to the shopping bags you get at LuLuLemon) or for $0.01 online. I bought a hoody and added 15 of these bags to the order for 15 cents! I'm going to use them as gift bags since people always appreciate getting a handy re-usable bag.
    • Avigayil
      That is a brilliant idea Kimmy, thanks for commenting!
      • Kimmy
        My brilliant plan didn't work! Just got an email from saying the 15 bags I ordered have been canceled from my order due to a supply shortage...

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