Rona Canada: Get 15% Off Any $75+ Spend As Gift Card (Ontario Only)

6 December 2013


Get money back just for buying the stuff you're already going to get at Rona!

I had to do a bit of digging on this one. The deal is only available in Ontario and (I think) only available in store. I thought I'd include it here because, well, most Canadians live in Ontario and it's Christmas, so people are making big purchases (over $75). Every little bit helps. I'm thinking of snow blowers, tools for Dad (or Mom, we don't judge) or even that BBQ or pool kit that is on clearance from in the corner of the store from summer. Rona Canada has some great gift ideas for the right person.

As usual with gift card deals, you can buy something else for someone on your list or have some fun and get yourself something with the gift card. Maybe get an early Christmas for yourself. This doesn't have to be a holiday buy either. It's too cold to work outside, so maybe you're redoing your kitchen or something. If you drop a few thousand on stuff to fix up your house, 15% could be a significant chunk of credit.

The deal is only available before noon on Saturday Dec. 7th and Sunday Dec. 9th, before noon! It's an early bird thing. Also, as far as I can tell, it's only available in Ontario stores. And finally, you must spend over $75 before tax.

(Expires: 7th December 2013 at noon and 8th December 2013 at noon)

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