Photobook Canada: 75% Off An XL Photobook Now $70 (reg. $250)

For two days only, you can buy a voucher for an Extra Large Landscape Imagewrap book for only $70.63 (reg. $250) from Photobook Canada. That's a huge 75% savings!

You'll save almost $180 when you buy a prepaid voucher for a 17.5 x 12" XL Landscape Imagewrap book with 80 pages. You have until 17th July, 2012 to use your voucher. Click here for a full list of terms and conditions.

Make this coming Valentine’s Day extra special with the gift of a handmade photo book, filled with memories of you and your loved ones.

Pictures of you and your special someone on a holiday trip or your most special day will look amazing on an elegant Imagewrap book. Make it even more unique and personal by making your favorite image the cover of the book. Printed on premium, acid-free archival paper for long-lasting images, and bound to perfection, our books are made by hand.

I've never made a book this large before, but I think it would make quite a statement, especially with your favourite photo gracing the cover. Great photobook deal!

Expires: 19th January, 2012


  • Avigayil
    Thanks Jodie, I am really excited about this. I bought one and am going to use it to make the most kick ass photo book ever after my vacation prob in June.
  • MJ
    This sounds great, but it says in the fine print that shipping is not included. I am wondering how much shipping would be BEFORE purchasing. Don't want what seems like such a great deal to be countered by outrageous shipping....Anyone else able to find out?? Love bargains for Canadians from a Canadian company! :)
  • MJ
    Sorry....just kept looking and it sounds like around $30 for shipping....which is pretty fair considering the size and weight of the XL book! :)
    • Avigayil
      Thats pretty much what I got too.. Your Shipping cost will be: CAD29.4 (Including Tax) Which is pretty good.. the entire thing for $100 is pretty awesome... lets just say France is going to be larger than life :D

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