La Senza: Limited Edition Shirt with $50 Purchase


So I CANNOT find this deal anywhere else online (I tried googling) so I'm not sure if I am the first to blog about it. Anyway, I was walking by my local La Senza in WEM (West Edmonton Mall) and they are advertising a free Limited Edition Tee, when you purchase $50 worth of stuff.

I am guessing this is an in-store deal only as I looked on the La Senza website and I can't find it there. I'm not sure when this ends, or if it is nation wide... so any help on filling out the details on this would be great.

I know Victorias Secret just had that offer for a VERY limited time (but I never could find out if it was in Canada as well) so I am thinking since La Senza is under VS that this will be nation wide in Canada.

The tee looked nice!


  • Justine
    I think you are the first to blog it.. I looked and couldn't find anything, didn't receive any mailing about it either. The VS stuff is valid in Canada, someone confirmed they picked up the t-shirt at Yorkdale mall on my blog :)
  • laura
    i got this in my email the other day. i didn't look that closely at it but i do remember getting it. perhaps it's for email subscribers?
  • annie
    they are giving t-shirts away if you spend more than $50. you have the option of choosing a black or white t-shirt. i'm not sure when this offer ends, but the t-shirt sells for roughly $15 in the floor.

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