Gelaskins: 20% Off Everything Including Gift Certificates

24 November 2011

Gelaskins has a rare deal: not only do you get 20% off all their products (which are fabulous btw) you also get 20% off all their gift certificates!

I really really am loving the 20% off their Gift Certificates. That means I can give someone else the opportunity to get their own Gelaskin, and not pay full price. Or, I could buy a gift certificate for myself and decide what I want later.

  • $25 GC for $20
  • $50 GC for $40
  • $75 GC for $60
  • $100 GC for $80

I think I will be picking up a $50 GC for myself. :-) One of my FAVOURITE artists lends her art to Gelaskins, Camilla D'Errico and you can see the skin I have on my laptop here: Yuuta.

Oh ya, you can even use your OWN pictures to design your own skin. That is the best.

(Ends 29th November 2011)

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