Flowers Fast Coupon Code for 20% discount on a $50+ spend online

This is an online promo code which you can use at, the flower delivery store, which ships within Canada and the US. They sell lovely flowers and bouquets, even gift baskets too.

For an extra 20% discount on your flowers order, just apply this coupon code @ checkout. You should see the discount appear in the amount before you put in your payment details.

  • Where: Online @ Flowers Fast
  • Coupon Code: NJ20
  • Discount: 20% off $50+
  • Rebate: 13% cashback

If you’re having a celebratory emergency, also do Same-Day Flower Delivery within Canada! Could be a life-saver from an angry missus!

You know, I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I have received fresh flowers in my life. I don’t seem to get them very often! But I guess I’m not a “girly girl” so people probably think I don’t like them. But I do enjoy them, and getting them is always a nice surprise. I think a single red rose is very sweet.

Do you think it is weird to buy flowers for a guy? Last Halloween, I bought a bunch of flowers online, they were orange roses for my man… I think he liked them.

- Anna

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