Dragonsteel Entertainment: Brandon Sanderson's The Emperor's Soul eBook For Only $3 (Save $2)

15 May 2013

Brandon Sanderson writes some of the best books out there today and you can get one of them for super cheap!

If you want to buy it, it's available at this sale price at most eBook stores. Here are links to the Amazon Kindle (U.S. and Canadian) and Kobo stores.

First off, the book is normally $4.99 but this month it's only $2.96. You save $2. This sale is directly from the books publisher, Dragonsteel Entertainment, so the price is actually the same (or similar) on any eBook store that carries it. I guess the two big ones in Canada would be Kobo and Amazon which both carry the book for about $3.

I have not read this book but I've read over a half dozen of Sanderson's other books and they are great. If you're into Epic Fantasy or, at this price, even if you aren't, you have got to read his stuff. This particular book is a novella so it's short and simple to get in to. MY first published book is a novella and I really dig the format. A lot of people, I think, disdain novellas because they think a shorter book is ripping you off. Sometimes the story just isn't supposed to be that long and it just has to be a shorter format. My book is short because I used it as an intro to a bigger series. Just because a novella is short doesn't mean that you're getting a lesser story, the author is probably giving you exactly what you need!

So if you need a quick, awesome story, maybe for a plane ride or a car trip, this is a good choice!

(Expires: 31st May 2013)

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