Black's Canada: 8x10 Prints For Only $1 - 80% Off


Print off your Christmas memories in glorious 8x10 for only $1 online or in-store at Black's!

Maybe you don't want Christmas memories. Maybe you want to print off summer memories or childhood memories. It's up to you, I guess. Normally 8x10 memories cost $4.99 each, but this time they are only $1. You're saving $3.99. You can either upload an image from your computer, or from social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

Shipping is stupidly expensive at $8, but if you buy more you still get similarly priced shipping. They ship via Purolator and I'm going to guess they aren't just sticking these things in envelopes and cramming them in a mail truck, so the $8 is just to keep it safe. Your best bet is likely to go to the store and pick up your prints in person.

(Expires: 29th December 2013)

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