Aerie Canada Spring Surprise Gift Card With Any Purchase

Aerie Spring Surprise Gift Card With Any Purchase

With any Aerie purchase in store, you will receive a surprise gift card with a value of $10, $25, $50, or $100.

Until February 11, 2010, you will receive a gift card valuing at minimum $10 with your in store purchase of any amount. This means that even if you are only buying a pair of $3 panties, you will get back at least $10 worth in gift card. This deal applies to sale merchandise as well. The gift card you receive must be redeemed between Feb 13 and March 14.

This is such a great deal on adorable underwear and lounge wear. This would definitely encourage any special someones to make it worth their while to check out the store before Valentine’s Day.


  • lia
    I went to aerie in montreal, they don't recognize this deal, what are you talking about then?????????
    • Yanyi
      Hey, I actully just went to Aerie yesterday, and they gave me a gift card with my purchase... maybe the deal excludes Quebec... retailers do that sometimes, i dont know why...sorry the deal didn't work out for you. Yanyi
  • Sarah
    I went into Aerie at West Edmonton Mall yesterday, and they didn't know about it either. I was kinda looking forward to a gift card!
    • LittleVi
      Aww...really? I was planning to go to WEM, but they don't even know about the promotion! :(
      • Sarah
        They did tell me to check Kingsway tho. It's a seperate store there.
  • CLaudia
    yeea aerie is dumb. they do it all the time. sometimes they dont have their deals at my store either....and i go there all excited. i kinda hate them. they have shitty clothing, and the manager at my store is racist and mean. Id rather go to Victoirias Secret Pink.
  • Jamie
    if we buy something from Aerie products from American eagle does it work too?
  • sarah
    dont fall for this scam. you can only use it between feb 13-mar 14. And during those times, NOTHING is on sale. and also their crap is over priced. And lastly, ALL Their items get shipped off to Winners. I saw the same bras and boxers and hoodies, pants, shorts at Winners for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE. Bras at aerie $34.50 Bras at winners $7.99 for the SAME bra......makes them look cheap an seems liek a rip off.
  • Anna
    Sarah and Claudia, are you the same person? And I really hate it when people use the word scam in the completely wrong context. It's a pretty harsh word.

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