PlayStation Plus: Buy a One Year Membership and Get Three Bonus Months Free

If you are a gamer or know a gamer, this deal is for you. If you buy a one-year membership to PlayStation Plus, you get three bonus months free for a limited time.

For $49.99 (US), you get twelve months of a membership, plus the free three months, a $17.99 value.

The membership gives you an instant game collection for your PS3 or PS Vita system. You get 18 included games as soon as you join and can add new games to your collection every month at no additional cost. The included games include:

• Uncharted: Golden Abyss™
• Gravity Rush™
• WipEout® 2048
• inFAMOUS™ 2
• LittleBIGPlanet™2
• Ratchet & Clank™: All 4 One

You have access to lots of other features of PlayStation Plus including Online Game Save Storage. You also get 10% to 75% off at the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus offers you exclusive games, timed trials, plus discounts off other games.

You need to accept the terms of service and user agreement before downloading this service. You also have to be 18 or older. The subscription renews automatically until you cancel it.

This seems like a great deal for those gamers that want to have access to the newest games by download, and who want an easy supply of new games for free.

(Expiry: 4th March 2013)

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