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My son has a shelf in his bedroom that he is completely covering in stickers. In my search for free stickers, I stumbled across Simplicity Vinyl. Simplicity Vinyl offers a free monthly subscription to get stickers shipped to your home address. The subscription is free of charge, and you can cancel anytime if you get tired of receiving the freebies.

I am always skeptical about these sort of freebies. Sometimes companies just want your email address, and other times they can just be a tease. This subscription looks legit. They have a nice clean website and an easy subscription sign up. Their social media accounts even display the stickers being printed to be sent off. There is even a video of someone receiving their stickers in Canada on Instagram. So if you love free stickers like I do, then subscribe now.

Just looking at the image of the free stickers has got me looking forward to receiving my subscription. I like the Happy Monkey sticker, it is cute. When you sign up for your subscription you can select which type of stickers interest you. You can tick off stickers in categories like sports, foods and lifestyle. My bet is that the Happy Money Hummus sticker will come if you select food stickers.

Simplicity Vinyl makes high quality vinyl stickers that are designed to last for years. I am hoping that I can put some of these on the back of my truck window, but we will see. Right now I have two vinyl horse stickers on my truck so I wouldn't want anything too out-of-theme. Well, I signed up for this subscription. So hopefully the free stickers arrive.

If you sign up and receive your free stickers from Simplicity Vinyl, let us know. Or perhaps you have received their subscription in the past.

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