Rogers Canada Freebie: Get The Maclean's Mini Book Of Lists eBook For Free

24 June 2014


In celebration of Canada Day, Rogers Canada is offering a free download of The Maclean's Mini Book of Lists with 52 pages of fun facts about people, places and things in Canada.

With 52 pages of fun Canadian facts, here are just some of the headlines that stood out to me but there are plenty more to keep you entertained:

  • 7 Canadians who've had a big influence on America
  • The 10 most "Canucky" cities
  • 9 rude place names in Newfoundaland
  • 6 sexy lawsuits
  • The most common baby names in Canada
  • 5 myths about Tim Hortons
  • 10 popular chocolate bars sold in Canada that are next to impossible to find South of the border
  • 8 uncommon terms commonly heard in Manitoba
  • Canadian words, phrases or slang that most Americans wouldn't understand
  • Unusual items 8 Canadian astronauts carried into space

My favourite has to be from the "Canadian words, phrases or slang that most Americans wouldn't understand" list as "toboggan" is highlighted in yellow. It's a word that I have heard so many times in my lifetime that I can't believe it's not as prevalent anywhere else as it is here in Canada.

It also surprised me to see that Best Buy is among the 5 American retail brands that had more success in Canada than in the U.S. along with A&W and Sears!

The "Top 10 Crying Hockey Players" is bound to be a favourite for many, especially since even Wayne Gretzky has made it onto the list!

With barbecue season in full swing, I could see these being as great conversation starters at the next family get together or while having drinks with friends. It can be a struggle to initiate conversation with some people but these could definitely be good ice breakers! :D

I'm actually tempted to print all of the pages of this mini book, staple them together and place in the bathroom as reading material! ;)

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