Walmart Canada: Philips Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor & ECO Mode - $88

27 August 2013

Get this deluxe Philips AVENT SCD525/00 DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and New ECO Mode from Walmart Canada for $60 off the original price. Originally $148, the baby monitoring system is now on clearance for $88 with free shipping.

This baby monitor has awesome reviews from the three parents who have reviewed it. One of the reviewers wrote a very extensive review which I will give you a snippet of here:

You can't put a price on peace of mind. And the Avent DECT Monitor system is worth it. It has the clearest sound, you can hear a pin drop. Nothing interferes with it. And since it's so small, lightweight, and has battery power back up, it can go anywhere in any room, to any place with out relying on the power adaptors. And living in an old house in a rural town, bad weather often means black-outs, so having the battery back-up means we're always connected to her. The temp. indicator helps you dress your baby accordingly for night time sleeping. The built in night light casts just enough light so you can check on her with ease.

All three reviewers gave the monitoring system a perfect five stars. It has a lot of wonderful features for parents including the ability to talk to your baby via the monitor.

I price compared with Amazon and the marketplace sellers are still selling the monitor for full price. I did find the base model being sold by itself, but it still was $100, where as this deluxe model costs less and has more bells and whistles. This is a great deal that will probably sell out fast.

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