Cake Beauty: Free Shipping


Just a quick note to let you know that Cake Beauty is offering Free Shipping on any order for a limited time!

I think this is a great offer as I often would like to try one or two of their products, but not enough to justify the shipping prices. For extra discounts check out their sale items. The free shipping does not require a coupon code.

Offer ends September 10/10

REMEMBER: You can get $10 off your order with this coupon code (mentioned previously here): sweetcakes

(note: Amount in your cart must be equal to $10 US to apply coupon)

So I bought a Cake Kiss Lemon Chiffon ($10) and Winter Wonderful Limited Edition - Snow Woman Lipgloss ($3) (70% off) and spent only $3.15!

Update: Thanks to our Moosers for their responses. Looks like they disabled the coupon. Sorry guys :-(


  • Brittany
    The coupon code 'sweetcakes' did not work for me.
  • joerge
    coupon code didn't work so i'm not sure how u said it does
  • Laura
    didn't work for me either :-(
  • Jessica
    coupon code didn't work for me too.
  • Maya
    Me neither. Too bad.
  • Avigayil
    That is really odd and I am so sorry guys, like I said, I tested it right before I posted when I put through my order and it was still working. My guess is they disabled it once they saw my order and realized that coupon was still working :-(

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