Beauty Mark Canada – Free Shipping On Cosmetics & Make-Up!

It’s always great to hear of new stores that offer free shipping, even if it is only a temporary promotion. And it’s even better to hear that they are wholly Canadian owned and operated – as is, an online retailer of beauty products. Until the 10th of December, any order you make will qualify for free shipping – no fees whatsoever.

What do they sell?

They sell a wide range of skincare items, fragrances, bath and body care. As for cosmetics, BeautyMark sell some big name brands that you might recognise – Stila, Cargo, Lola, & Fresh. They even have a men’s section if you were taking a look for Christmas gifts. If you’d like to read a review, there’s one on, where they give Beauty Mark 4 stars out of 5.

Beauty Mark refer to themselves as a site for “beauty junkies”! They actually have a real life site in Vancouver, if you’re nearby and want to check them out.

Thanks for the lips JennaBurgus.


  • Moe
    Very nice. I love the free shipping also. One of my peeves is shipping. Elf cosmetics just raised it's Canadian shipping to $14.95 which I think is ridiculous considering the weight of most of the items. I ordered stuff from them last month with an $8 shipping which I thought was extreme when the parcel arrived I couldn't believe how light it was. It wasn't worth the $8 and definitely wouldn't be worth the $14. So back to your discussion, yes it's very exciting that they are currently offering free shipping (more money for buying product). It looks like they offer a great selection of products too. I'm off to do some major browsing. Toodles!
  • Anna
    Thanks for your comments Moe!! I'm in total agreement - shipping costs are such a deal killer, a pet peeve to me also. I really want to spend spend spend and sometimes the online stores don't really encourage me to do that, with their extortionate shipping fees!

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