Cheap Group Activities for Fall and Winter

12 November 2012

As the temperature steadily drops, the days of going to the beach to throw around a Frisbee or hiking the trails with a group of friends are long gone. So how can you continue to maintain a healthy social life when venturing out into the cold outdoors isn’t really an option anymore?  With a bit of creativity, you might find that there is actually a plethora of fun activities you and your friends can do without ever having to leave the house.

Bring out the board games – Most people have at least one board game hanging around their house, so why not host a games night at your place to bring all of your friends together? Ask each of your friends to bring over their favourite board game and let the fun begin! Just remember that if you want to keep all of your friendships intact by the end of the night, it might be a good idea to avoid playing Risk or Monopoly; otherwise be prepared to pick up the pieces after the board has been flipped over.

Stay in and watch a movie – Although it seems like all of the video rental stores are going bankrupt and closing down, you can still borrow plenty of movies for free at the library or cheap via Netflix. You can also watch movies for free through the National Film Board’s website if you are in a Canadian cinema mood. Sometimes there’s just nothing quite like spending a night cozying up inside for a good ol’ movie marathon with friends.

Have an old-school listening party – Back in the day before CDs, Napster, and iTunes existed, people used to get together, throw a vinyl onto their record player, and sit around with a group of friends to listen to an album from start to finish. Although it may not be as easy anymore to find a record store, or player for that matter, it might be a fun homage to the past to invite your friends over, open up a few bottles of wine, and listen to some classic albums on CD or using your iPod.

Bring the spa to you – If you want to avoid paying hundreds of dollars by going to the spa with friends, bring the spa to your place instead! Tell all of your friends to bring over a different coloured nail polish to share, whip up some facial masks and body scrubs using some of these recipes, then put out some yummy appetizers and sweet treats for everybody to enjoy.

Have a craft night – With the number of different do-it-yourself craft ideas on Pinterest these days, it seems crazy not to have a craft night with friends at least once during these dark and cold months. You can even do double duty by picking a craft in preparation for the holidays, such as these Christmas tree ornaments or these candy cane hearts.

Host a videogame competition – Chances are that at least a few of your friends already own a videogame console, so it might be a good idea to get everyone together for a big videogame competition at your place. To raise the stakes a bit, and to ensure everyone is in a competitive yet playful mindset, ask everyone to contribute a small prize or cash donation to give to the winning team. To make sure there are no hard feelings once the competition has been won, grab a few plastic medals from the dollar store beforehand to give out to everyone who participated.

Bargainmoosers, what kind of indoor group activities do you do during the cold fall and winter months?

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