5 Dollar Store Hacks That Will Help You Make Life Easier

19 February 2015


After the holiday season everyone's wallets are hurting but you may still have the itch of wanting to shop and buy things.  What better way to relieve that itch by going to the dollar store? Though don't go too much because going frequently can really add up!

I am a huge fan of the dollar store because nowadays you can get just about anything you need there.  I make regular trips to my favourite dollar store, Dollarama on a monthly or every two monthly basis, just to get things that I need, like kitchen essentials or wine gift bags.

The next time you go into your dollar store, look out for items that can be hacked to make your life a bit easier.  Things that are great on the wallet and great on organization too!

Here are five dollar store hacks that will help you save money and make your life a little easier...and a little more organized!

Paint Palette as a Jewelry Holder


No more tangled jewelry or struggling to find the matching earring for the one you managed to find.  This cute idea comes from the Architectural Designs blog.  Just look for a cheap dollar store paint palette and paint it to whatever colour you want.  It's small enough to hide in a drawer and pretty enough to keep out on display.

Dollar Store Shower Cap... For the Kitchen


This doesn't take any tweaking or painting or crafting.  The dollar store shower cap works great for oddly sized items in your kitchen (like for example the kitchen colander in this photo), and also great for wrapping up leftovers when your usual saran wrap won't stick to the glass container.  This brilliant idea comes from The Kitchen blog.

Ribbon Basket Storage


This comes as a timely post after Christmas when you go to the dollar store to buy discounted 50% off Christmas wrapping and decorating, such as ribbon!  So of course you'll need a place to store all that ribbon without making it look like a mess.  And of course you'll want to be able to easily access your ribbon without having to hurt your eyes looking for the end of the ribbon or getting frustrated and wasting your ribbon by having your ribbon all tangled up.  This dollar store hack Do It Yourself ribbon basket storage comes from the Minimoz blog, it looks super easy to do and a great way to organize your ribbon!

Picture Frame Key Organizer


Long gone will be the days of hunting for your keys and getting annoyed and panicky because you are late for work and cannot find those car keys.  Here is a great dollar store hack to turn a picture frame into a handy key organizer.  It is #23 on Buzzfeed's 23 brilliant dollar store hacks post.  The instructions are from Redfly creations.  You and your family will be able to find your keys in dollar store hack style.  This is super easy, all you need to do is find the perfect picture frame, not to big not to small and some screws.  And use some white spray paint (that you can find at Michaels, though spray paint does not usually cost a dollar, unfortunately).

Zoo Animal Bookends


What better way to organize your books then have funky hipster-esque zoo animals looking after your treasured books?  This would be a great dollar store hack for your children's books too of course.  For this dollar store hack, all you will need are those dollar store plastic zoo animals, some wooden blocks (small and not too thick) and some primer and spray paint to whichever colour you want to make the zoo animals.  Teal looks nice, and I think a metallic gold would look nice too and add a bit of razzle dazzle to your bookcase.  This brilliant idea comes from Love Grows Wild and the step by step do it yourself instructions are super easy to follow.

There you have it, some great dollar store hacks to get your life a little more organized, one to two dollars at a time!

Bargainmoosers, do you have any other dollar store hacks that you would like to share?  What is your favourite thing to buy at the dollar store?

Photo credit: Shooteyeout

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