Zoomer Meowzies $40 @ Toys R Us

Zoomer Meowzies $40 @ Toys R Us

If you want to get a Zoomer for your kids this Christmas, then I may have just found one of the most affordable options yet. Toys R Us Canada currently has the Zoomer Meowzies on sale (in a variety of colours) for $39.97 down from $59.99.

Toys R Us even has the exclusive Zoomer Meowzies Tabithaon sale for $39.97 - and I just love the fluffy tail! You won't get this one anywhere else, never mind for this low price.

The other Zoomer Meowzies available are Patches (Blue), Viola (Purple), and Arista (Pink). The Zoomer Meowzies adore affection and you can pet their head, rub their belly, press their nose and even play with them. They can guard from intruders, play catch with the included mouse, and you can tell exactly how she is feeling by the look in her eye. These kitties are full of life, without the mess of a real cat!

If you want the larger version, you can get the Zoomer Kitty Midnightfor $50 at Amazon.ca while supplies last.

Toys R Us Canada offers free shipping on orders over $49.


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