You've Got To See These Reviews! Garnier Micellar Waterproof Make-Up Cleansing Water, $6.47 @

You've Got To See These Reviews! Garnier Micellar Waterproof Make-Up Cleansing Water, $6.47 @

June 19, 2016 - Bump! This deal is even better than when Bargainmoose first posted this! Right now, there is a $1.50 coupon that you can 'clip' - once you do so, the cost on this item will only cost $6.47. It's a huge bottle, containing 400 mls. I have had a chance to try it out now, and am extremely pleased with this product and the results it gives.

Last week when my daughter and I were shopping in the cosmetics aisles at our local pharmacy, we noted that something called Micellar Water was on sale. We had passed on purchasing it, as it seemed to be out-dated stock with an odd scent. It did clean off the cosmetics exceptionally well that we had tested on our hands, but the deal wasn't as good as this one below...

I read over the reviews on this Garnier Micellar Water this evening on, and not only did I see excellent reviews in terms of how gentle this product is on the skin, (to remove both facial and stubborn eye makeup), but many reviewers love the clean feel of this product and claim that it is highly effective. One other feature they love is how much more inexpensive it is to purchase the highly popular Garnier brand, than a retail department store brand. One reviewer was pleased with how it had treated an on-going, years long blackhead issue. Garnier has always been super for me, it is a brand I fully trust! This product is on sale for $7.50 down from $9, after you 'click' to cut out the $1.50 virtual coupon that is easy to spot.

Now, the following review is something that stood out enough to make me decide to order this product right here and now. Most of you will be able to relate to this fantastic review:

"I got this a while ago and hadn't really been using it because I had another eye makeup remover I really liked. Well...last night my little girl got into my waterproof eyeliner (she wanted to draw a pair of eyebrows on herself I guess and ended up making herself look like squidward). The tears are because I was laughing so hard and she thought she had done a stellar job. Not the pinnacle of my parenting moments I guess. Anywho. So the eyeliner is the Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Liquid super waterproof eyeliner. It's essentially bulletproof, and as you can see, she used a LOT of it. Also, it was on the counter (white) and floor (white) so I needed something that I had a lot of. I grabbed this and surprisingly it worked like a charm!! Removed everything from her face as well as the counter and floor. I could not be more pleased and I have my beautiful little non-monobrowed little girl back. I'll be using it more often."

So... 'Nuff said. Thank you, Angela_G. for your April 24, 2016 recent 5-star review on for thisGarnier Micellar All-in-1 Waterproof Make-Up Cleansing Water review, entitled, "This is the stuff in an emergency." We certainly are happy for you that your 'little non-monobrowed little girl is back!' (There is nothing quite like Squidward!)

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