They're Here! New, Voice-Activated Yellies Spiders

They're Here! New, Voice-Activated Yellies Spiders

Whether you love spiders or can't stand them, you have to admit: these ones are pretty cute.

They're called Yellies! and they're the latest interactive toy pets to come out this year.

There are six different Yellies! in stock now at Toys R Us Canada, and they all have some really adorable names:

  • Bo Dangles
  • Toofy Spooder
  • Flufferpuff
  • Peeks
  • Klutzers
  • Harry Scoots

So what are Yellies?

Basically, these are friendly spiders that respond to your voice, music and almost any other sounds. Each pet has their own personality, and they're all full of surprises. To play with them, just start talking, singing or clapping, and the Yellies! will respond.

Just a fair warning to all the parents out there: these spiders respond to all kinds of sounds, but they'll move the fastest when they hear somebody yell – so they might be best as outdoor toys.

I've only seen them at Toys R Us Canada so far, but I'll let you know right here if they pop up anywhere else in the country. Currently, Toys R Us orders over $49 ship free.


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    Here’s a spider you can handlse

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      yea those are ok... lol

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        xmas present done! Haha

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          guess what you’re getting for Christmas!!!

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