Where To Buy Present Pets Canada 2020

Choose between glitter or fancy!
Where To Buy Present Pets Canada 2020

Present Pets are big news for Christmas 2020, and are making an appearance on many a Christmas list this year. It won't be long before the holidays are upon us, so get one in your basket at the best price with our where to buy Present Pets in Canada list...

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  • Amazon $49.97 shipped GET IT HERE* (arrives AFTER Christmas)
  • Walmart $49.97 BUY IT HERE* (you to book a time slot during checkout for a grocery order if you live within an eligible postal code)
  • Toys R Us $59.97 GET IT HERE*


Present Pets Canada

Present Pets are ideal for those kids that are wanting a pet. Sure, it's not the real deal but when that little interactive puppy bursts it paws through it's box it'll sure seem like it.

Each box has a possibility of two different Pups, so there's a surprise as to which one your kid will receive. Each pup is cute as can be with it's big, adorable eyes and super soft body.

All you gotta do to get your little guy or gal to come out is tug on the gift tag. Once out, your puppy will sing the special unboxing song.

Once the puppy is out the fun doesn't end - stroke it's head and it'll make quite contentment sounds and give kisses. Tickle it's tummy and it'll get excited.

It also wags it tail too, and can tap it's paws.

There are over 100 sounds and actions which is awesome, and will keep your child happy for a long time.

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