Now THIS is My Kind of Water Bottle!

These 2.2L jugs are marked down all week at
Now THIS is My Kind of Water Bottle!

The amount of water you should drink every day varies from person to person, but most experts agree an adult should aim for at least eight 8oz glasses throughout the day. That works out to around two litres and a lot of trips to refill your glass at the tap or water cooler – unless you have one of these.

The Big Bottle Co. makes exactly what their name suggests: big bottles. Most of their massive water bottles hold 2.2L, which is enough to last you through an entire day or an intense workout. And if you've been thinking of trying one out, I have good news. They're finally on sale at!

For the next week (until the end of the day on Oct. 13, to be exact), The Big Bottle Co. products are up to 30% off. That means you can pick up their signature bottles from just $16.99.

If you've never heard of these bottles before, many people use them to make sure they stay hydrated throughout the day. Basically, if you drink the entire thing before you head to sleep, you know you reached your goal! They're also great for people who travel or do intense workouts. I've even seen them used as dumbbells.

I have my eye on The Big Bottle Co. Plum Rose 2.2L Water Bottle, but there's also a 1.5L Commuter version if you don't need to carry quite so much water with you at once. All their bottles are BPA-free and reinforced to withstand the weight of all that water. And since orders over $35 ship free, you might want to pick up two!

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