Tangle Teezer Brushes on Sale from $11.99

The only hairbrush you'll ever need
Tangle Teezer Brushes on Sale from $11.99

Hands up if you hate brushing your hair. It's the one little self-care thing I always put off when I can. Unless I'm really careful with mine in the shower, it always ends up in knots even before I start drying it off. And don't even get me started about what happens when I fall asleep with it all in a bun ...

And chances are, if YOU don't like brushing your hair, it's even worse when you go to comb out those rats' nests on your kids' heads. So that's where the Tangle Teezer brushes come in.

This brand Tangle Teezer basically revolutionized the hairbrush to create something that detangles your hair – without all that pulling and tugging. It works on wet or dry hair, and they're supposedly pain-free. And there's one other thing you should know. ALL Tangle Teezer products are 20% off this week at Well.ca!

During this sale, prices start at $11.99 for their basic brushes: the Tangle Teezer Original Detangling Hairbrush and the Salon Elite. Both are available in at least two different colours, so you can buy different ones for your kids and (hopefully) avoid any fighting or stealing if they know which one is theirs.

But I actually have my eye on something that can fit inside a clutch: the Compact Styler. This Rose Gold one is now marked down to $17.59 from $21.99, and it just looks so freakin' luxurious. But as for a full-size brush I can use at home, this Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Hairbrush is calling my name! Orders over $35 ship free.

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