Well.ca: Natural Sunscreen 20% Off

Well.ca: Natural Sunscreen 20% Off

I just ordered a few tubes of natural sunscreen from Well.ca, now 20% off.

I searched the organic section of three of my local grocery stores and even went into a health food store, and not one store had any natural sunscreen. I am so nervous of sunscreen that I prefer to not put it on my children, rather than use regular sunscreen (in most cases). So, I was very happy to see this sale from Well.ca and I ordered a few different types, and this should last me the Summer. I checked with Skin Deep first to ensure low toxicity in the products, as greenwashing is so rampant these days.

I bought the Green Beaver Kids sunscreen, mainly because of the wonderful reviews and because it was non-whitening. Green Beaver is a Canadian company, so that makes it all the better. I couldn't find them on Skin Deep, but read that this is a safe and effective sunscreen. Was $19.99, now $15.99.

The second sunscreen I bought was Badger sunscreen with aloe, mainly because it is 15SPF. For myself, I like to get some colour so using 30 is a bit too strong for me. I want protection, but just a little. Was $19.99, now $15.99.

I also considered this Green Beaver spray, just for total convenience, it is nice to just spray and go. Was $19.99, now $15.99.

I got free shipping because I spent over $25 and used the exclusive coupon code MAYMOOSE10 to get another $10 because I spent over $40 (and it was my first order).

Bargainmoosers, how important is natural sunscreen to your family?

(Expiry: 26th May 2013)


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