Well.ca: Free Express Shipping on the Top 100 New Mom Essentials

Well.ca: Free Express Shipping on the Top 100 New Mom Essentials

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If you are a new mom, you might be realizing how difficult it is to get out to the store to get the stuff you need! For the month of May, Well.ca is offering free express shipping on the top 100 new Mom essentials. This way, if you need something by tomorrow (or in a few days) you can hopefully get it without having to leave the house in your pyjamas.

I have three boys and I can remember when my youngest was born (that's as far back as I remember - baby brain and lack of sleep has deleted all earlier memories), and I dreaded taking all three out to a store just to pick up one thing I really needed. The winter, which coincidentally two of my boys were born just before, was the worst as I had to get everyone bundled. By the time I got the baby buckled in his car seat, one of the older boys would have to pee. Once that was done, baby was ready to nurse. Ah, the memories. How easy would it be to nurse your baby, while you shop, online, in your housecoat? Totally easy and with free express shipping, there is no reason not to. While express shipping is fast, it says there could be 1-3 days of processing first. In my experience, I've only ever gotten regular shipping and I get it within 3 days or so, so you could probably get your item next day.

While Well.ca lists the top 100 new mom essentials, I can tell you what you really need!

Everything else is a nice to have, but many of them are worthy of having in a new mom's collection.

(Expiry: 31st May 2014)


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