Well.ca: Deluxe Domino Set With Case Was $40 | Now $15

Well.ca: Deluxe Domino Set With Case Was $40 | Now $15

Well.ca has a deluxe domino set in a really nice wooden case on sale for $15, originally $39.96.

I absolutely love playing dominoes. It was a game my father taught me. At first, when I was young, we started out with matching. The six would be paired with the six, the four with the four, etc. When I was able to do addition up to ten, we then played the game that way, so the four would go on the six and the three on the seven. It was a great way to learn perfect adding as a kid. They were also a blast to line up and knock over if you didn't feel like playing.

This set has been reviewed by two happy customers. Here is what they had to say:

nice quality for the price!

This product was on sale when I bought it. It is a great deal for the money. The quality is exquisite and the box is compact for the size of the dominos. It will bring many hours of fun with my friends and children.

I think this is a great deal for something I have very fond memories of playing.

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