Well.ca: B1G1 Free On New Chapter Vitamins

Well.ca: B1G1 Free On New Chapter Vitamins


Well.ca has a great deal on whole-food based vitamins, minerals and herbal health products, where you buy one bottle and get the second free.

Although they carry a wide range of products, only the prenatal and the multivitamins are buy one, get one.

I recently read an article about all the crap and fillers in vitamins. I had never heard of New Chapter, but I love what they stand for. All of their vitamins and supplements are made from 100% real food and herbs. Their products are gentle on the stomach, as real food is easily recognized and absorbed. New Chapter is also committed to using organic ingredients, although it doesn't look like these are certified organic.

The One Daily vitamins for men and women are regularly $41.99, so getting a bottle free is a nice savings.

The prenatal vitamins come in two sizes, and if you are early in your pregnancy or trying to conceive, you might as well get the large bottle of 192, which means you'll have one year's worth for only $61.99. Experts suggest taking your prenatal vitamins when trying to conceive to build up your stores of iron and folate, and I also took mine well after my pregnancy to add the vitamins to keep me going while breastfeeding. You will definitely go through two large bottles with one pregnancy if you take one a day. If you prefer the smaller bottle, it is $34.99.

Shipping will be free on this order.

(Expiry: 29th September 2013)


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