Well.ca: 30% Off Cascade & Clorox

Well.ca: 30% Off Cascade & Clorox


Well.ca is offering both Cascade for your dishwasher and Clorox for cleaning your house on sale for 30% off this week.

When we had a dishwasher we used the Cascade ActionPacs. We always tried to buy in bulk to cut down on the price per load. You can get the 90 pac of Cascade ActionPacs with Dawn on sale for $15.39 instead of $21.99. That works out to about 17 cents a load.

The sale that is really interesting to me is the Clorox sale. I seriously had no idea this company made so many different products. I always thought of them as the 'bleach company', yet they make a lot of household cleaning brushes and detergents. On my wishlist is the Clorox Comfort Grip Scrubber With Mesh Scour Pad, which was $2.99 and is now $2.09. It looks like the perfect size for a multitude of jobs. I also want the Clorox Diskette Dish Brush, as it is the perfect size and shape for cleaning the inside of water bottles, jars, and my blender. Originally $2.99 and is also now $2.09.

Well.ca offers free shipping on $25+.

(Expiry: 29th September 2013)


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  • Jake
    Love clorox wipes. I saved $10 on my first order with well.ca with the code 65638be5c0 ^_^